5 Magician steps to create a nice Campaign from Nescafe in Ramadan 2015 Crossing 2 Million Views


 5 Magician steps to create  nice campaign from Nescafe  in Ramadan 2015 Crossing 2 million views 

As usual Nescafe could touch most of the Egyptian minds by very Smart song campaign which motivates anybody to take his steps to achieve his goals.

Step 1:  Choose the simple and creative lyrics

Simple, creative and effective lyrics which provide the fans with a great motivation, it was like a story telling about everyone‘s first step to achieve his goal.

Step 2:  Look for the effective voice tone: (West Elbald Band)

With the magician voice tone (West ElBald band) you can feel every word encourages you to take a step forward and break your fears, the band usually sings about life and young people so it was a great choice from Nescafe.

Step 3:  Take nice video shots:

All of the Egyptian  people like the visuals  (photos or videos) so Nescafe takes care about that by nice video shot which tell us the story with the nice time of product placement (when there is Nescafe, there will be motivation ).

Step 4: Make great and effective Buzz on social media channels:

Before Ramadan by one day Nescafe started publishing the video on two social media Facebook and YouTube to get more video views as most of Egyptian users likes to watch video Campaigns on the two Social Media channels.

 About the video:

YouTube channel views: 2,062,233

Facebook video:Views: 510,530 / Likes: 23,750 / Shares: 5,780 / Comments: 450

 Step 5 : Start your Campaign smartly with Nescafe Cup (إبتديها مع نسكافيه )



Campaign Video :