5 Ways To Design Successful Campaign


Dimensions :
To design a successful artwork for your campaign you should keep in mind the Different Dimensions for online and offline media channels, “Facebook , Twitter, Blogs, Billboards, Rollups, Flyers …. etc”
Your Design Must be able to editing for many dimensions for offline and online channels.
think also of different users will use different devices “Mobile, Tablet, laptop, ….ETC”

Simplicity :
Try to make your design is simple as much as you can, people eye’s prefer to see a clear design without congestion elements, focus on the main target of your message then get the idea that you work on with harmonize your brand colors.
simple designs usually remind people of your “Product, Message,…ETC”
“less is more” for example if would to post your car’s photo at any social media platform and you like to make it obvious, did you capture the photo in the garage or in empty street ?!

Brand Colors :
you got a barnd ? sure you have your own colors.
let your brand colors work well in your design and choose the perfect choice in your color palette.
Vodafone is red, Yahoo is Purple, soundcloud is orange, chevrolet is gold !
so what’s your color, and how you can use it in a successful design ?
Decide a typeface color for your brand and make some options for that, you will need many options for your designs typeface such as “Letterhead, envelopes, social media posts, billboards, ….ETC”

Explore First :
Before your start, Take a tour to explore what the other did cause you need to design something different or special, be sure before you select a visual or any source “if it has a copyrights you should respect that” give yourself the enough period to work and try many times if you need to get a successful campaign.
Exploring can help you to find new concept also it’s help you to rate your design and know if that matching with your target of campaign or not !

Options :
If your design has a many options that’s perfect !
options in design such as “Colors, Dimension, Visuals, Concepts, …. Etc”, for example if you going to upload your design for a facebook campaign, facebook will refuse your design if it include more than 20% text of the design, so you need many options of text size cause when you need to print it for a billboard “text should be obvious”.
there’s a important option in design is “colors”
we usually used two options of colors, “RGB & CMYK”, RGB used for the web and CMYK used for the Printing, if you start your design as a RGB mode try to make a copy of it as a CMYK mode with correction colors to be ready

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