YouTube Studio: Better Insights, New Metrics & Faster Access to News

imfnd STMarch 13, 2018

Snapchat finally adds @mention tagging.

imfnd STMarch 9, 2018

Introducing Video Chat in Messenger Lite

imfnd STMarch 8, 2018

Enabling Publishers to Label Breaking News on Facebook

imfnd STMarch 7, 2018

Facebook’s Testing a New Option Which Enables Brands to Mass-Send Promotions via Messenger

imfnd STMarch 4, 2018

Instagram’s Reportedly Looking to Add Voice and Video Calling Features

imfnd STMarch 3, 2018

Facebook’s Testing Out Voice Clips as a Status Update Option

imfnd STMarch 3, 2018

Twitter’s Rolling Out its New ‘Bookmarks’ Feature to save and share Tweets

imfnd STMarch 1, 2018

Google Word Coach tests your vocabulary knowledge in bite-sized questions

imfnd STFebruary 28, 2018

Messenger Platform 2.3 Release: New Tools Make Customer Interactions Easier

imfnd STFebruary 28, 2018