Digital Marketing Diploma DURATION : 214 HOURS


214 Credit Hours


August / December

Price Installment

7000 EGP

Price Offer

6300 EGP (10%)


Digital Marketing Diploma

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Era!
Whether you want to accelerate your movements on an existing career in Digital marketing, a business owner looking to improve Digital Marketing impact for your business.
Or a marketer that can see the value in improving your digital marketing knowledge and skills.
This professional diploma is perfect for you to be a professional digital marketing planner
Throughout 214 hours for 3 months you will pass 11 Modules in Digital marketing to be able to design, plan and deliver a Digital Marketing Plan for yourself, company or client.
Also, you will learn how to manage and evaluate digital campaigns in social media, search Engine, Mobile Marketing, the functions of content marketing with the tips to create an efficient content and how to promote it and the secrets of Search engine optimization even for local or international SEO and the main types of the CRO.


  • Content Marketing Landscape.
  • Content Marketing Factors on Your Customers.
  • Types of Content Marketing.
  • Creating a foundation for your content Marketing.
  • Create your Content Marketing plan.
  • Creating Your Content.
  • Promoting Your Content.
  • Measuring Your Content.
  • Case Studies.
  • Practical Project.

1-Social Media Advertising Landscape:

  • Social Media Advertising Definition, Online Advertising Types.
  • Social Media Advertising History.
  • Social Media Advertising Trends.

2-Concepts & Implementations:

  • Campaign Objectives.
  • Campaign Optimization.
  • Campaign Measurement.
  • Media Planning.
  • Ad Cycles.
  • Content Marketing through Facebook.
  • Fan page management  for Brands.

3-Facebook Advertising:

  • Setup & Creation.
  • Targeting .
  • Budget / Bidding.
  • Introduction to power editor.
  • Managing campaigns with power editor.
  • Manage pages with power editor.
  • Advanced power editor.
  • what is “custom audiences”.
  • Creating conversion pixel.
  • What is Facebook business manager.
  • Tips & Tricks.

1- Instagram Advertising Landscape:
2-Concepts & Implementations:

  • Campaign Objectives.
  • Campaign Optimization.
  • Campaign Measurement.
  • Ad Cycles.
  • Content Marketing through Instagram.
  • Instagram Account management  for Brands.

3-The 5 main pillars of Instagram Ad Setup

  • Creative: Photos Designs /Landing Page design
  • Targeting:
  • Budget / Bidding
  • Advertising Setup

4-How to use Power Editor:

  • Introduction to power editor
  • Managing campaigns with power editor
  • what is “custom audiences”
  • Creating conversion pixel

5-Instagram Advertising Case Studies.
6-Tips & Tricks.
7-Making real campaign on Instagram.
8-Coaching During and After Training from imfnd team.

1-Introduction to Social Media.
2-Principals & Concepts:

  • Content Marketing:
  • Community Management.
  • Social Media Monitoring.
  • Real-time Marketing.
  • Crisis Management for Social Media.
  • Social Media Monitoring.
  • Real-time Marketing.
  • Crisis Management for Social Media.

3-Social Media Plans & Strategy:

  • Building Digital Strategies.
  • P.O.E.M

-Google AdWords:

  • Introduction to AdWords.
  • Benefits & Features of AdWords.
  • Ad groups (multiplying ad groups).
  • Tracking ad performance (what is conversion, set up conversion codes, how to track Adwords conversion codes).
  • AdWords to analytics.
  • Re-Marketing campaigns (what is re marketing, start with re marketing list, display remarketing formats, start your first re marketing campaign).
  • Improving account management.
  • Using AdWords editor.
  • Measuring AdWords with analytics.
  • The multi channel funnel report.

-Ad & Site Quality.

-Google Search Campaign.

  • Performance Monitoring & Conversion Tracking.
  • Optimization Performance.

-Google Display Network.

-YouTube Advertising.

Explore How to build your overall digital strategy in the Dotcom Era and dive deep into building your specific online Digital Brand Identity and Equity.

-Planning and developing a digital strategy Foundation

-The consumer and consumer behavior

-Setting your Strategy:

  • How to build your Strategy Direction and Formulate your marketing strategy.
  • How To build Brand Identity.
  • Brand Structure.
  • Brand Building Process.
  • Brand Emotional Connection.
  • New Market Strategies types.
  • Growth Market Strategies types.
  • Mature Marketing Strategies types.
  • Decline Marketing Strategy Types.

-Set your Digital Marketing Plan

-Digital Marketing plan Control:

  • Market Automation tactics
  • New Media Tactics
  • Measurements and KPIs
  • A/B testing
  • Optimizing your digital activities
  • Differentiation of your digital types of activity and techniques

-Case Studies

  • Overview of Search Engine Optimization.
  • Technical SEO
  • Ranking Factors
  • Keywords: The Foundation of SEO.
  • Content Optimization: How Search Engines and People View Web Pages.
  • Link-Earning Strategies.
  • Measuring SEO Effectiveness.
  • SEO for E-commerce.
  • Marketing by Schema and Knowledge Graph
  • Local Search.
  • International SEO.
  • CRO

1-Twitter Marketing Landscape:

  • How to use Twitter in your arsenal of marketing tools?
  • How to create an organic following and increase followers?
  • Using Twitter to watch what your competitors are doing.
  • Tips on finding  the right people to engage with and where they are.
  • Tips on using  Twitter search for specific content and lead generation.

2-Twitter Advertising Creation & Optimizing

  •  Types of twitter advertising options.
  • Setting Up Your Twitter Advertising Campaign.
  • Campaign Optimization.
  • Gain new followers by promoting your account.
    Amplify your message by promoting your tweets.
  • Campaign Reporting.

3-Twitter Analytics and Measuring ROI

  • Monitoring vs. Measuring and how Twitter fits into your overall goals strategy.
  • How to measure Twitter influence and why it's important in your outreach strategy?

4-Twitter Tools

  • The best tools to align with your overall goals.
  • How to set up searches inside of these tools to monitor your brand and your competition.

1-LinkedIn For Business Foundation:

  • Introduction.
  • Terminologies.
  • Types of Advertising.
  • Setting Your Business Account.

2-Sponsored Updated Ads:

  • Features of Sponsor updates.
  • Creating sponsor updates campaign.
  • Measurement and improvement.

3-Text Ads:

  • Text Ads Features.
  • Targeting text ads.
  • Setting Strategy.
  • Utilizing metrics.

4-Enterprise Advertising:

  • InMail campaign setup
  • Display Ads
  • Sponsored Groups
  • Lead Accelerator

5-Tips & Tricks

6-Case Studies

1-Mobile Marketing :

  • Introduction to Mobile Marketing.
  • Mobile Landscape in Egypt.
  • Mobile User Experience.

2-Building your Mobile strategy :

  • Mobile Readiness Audit.
  • Effective tactics to win with Mobile on Search and websites.
  • Establishing key Must Win Battles for Mobile.
  • Mobile for Social Media and Consumer services.
  • Building your Mobile activation strategy.

3-Key Initiatives and activations on Mobile :

  • SMS Campaigns.
  • Scratch and Win.
  • Loyalty Programs (QR Codes).

4-Building effective Mobile Advertising.

5-Managing Mobile Advertising :

  • Mobile Search ads.
  •  In App Ads.
  • .Mobile Ads on Social Media.
  • Mobile Display Ads.

6-Introduction to Mobile Commerce.


  • In the end after all training topics.
  •  75 % the success rate.
  • Have separate certificate.


Abdelrahman Sleem

CEO & Founder

Integrated Marketing Foundation- imfnd

Sherin Badr

Digital Marketing Manager

Integrated Marketing Foundation- imfnd

Mohamed Abo El Fotouh

Digital Marketing Manager

Nestle North East Africa

Yasser Ghallab

Online Business Products Manager




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