Google Adwords Advertising Duration : 27 hours




27 Credit Hours


1250 EGP


Google Adwords Advertising

You will learn how to use advanced tips and tools to optimize your campaign and know all the key players and how to connect your content (website, app, video, game, etc.) with quality advertisers. We'll discuss the difference between selling directly and working through third parties like ad networks and ad exchanges., we'll dive into your business model and figure out what are the right moves for you Will discuss advertising over Google networks With real campaign on Facebook and on google platform with coaching


-Google AdWords:

  • Introduction to AdWords.
  • Benefits & Features of AdWords.
  • Ad groups (multiplying ad groups).
  • Tracking ad performance (what is conversion, set up conversion codes, how to track Adwords conversion codes).
  • AdWords to analytics.
  • Re-Marketing campaigns (what is re marketing, start with re marketing list, display remarketing formats, start your first re marketing campaign).
  • Improving account management.
  • Using AdWords editor.
  • Measuring AdWords with analytics.
  • The multi channel funnel report.

-Ad & Site Quality.

-Google Search Campaign.

  • Performance Monitoring & Conversion Tracking.
  • Optimization Performance.

-Google Display Network.

-YouTube Advertising.