Online Advertising WorkshopDuration : 13 hours




850 EGP


13 Credit Hours



For first time in Training field imfnd is the leading company for making realistic workshops and putting attendees in real scenarios with real customers during our workshops.

We put you in real cases and real implementation to reach the ultimate level of delivering the Do-How and putting you in real situations and how are brands act with agencies and with their internal Digital marketing team .


Scenario 1:

  • Dividing the attendees in 2 Agency with our Graphic designers to create their real agency.
  • Orientation about Workshop Scenarios
  • Fast Orientation on Facebook & Google AdWords Tips

Scenario 2:

  • Making a complete Facebook & Instagram  Campaign and use power editor with a real client brief.

Scenario 3:

  • Making  a complete search engine campaign through Google AdWords , with a real client brief.

Scenario 4:

  • Making an integrated campaign mixed between Google AdWords & Facebook and Instagram with Big Activity brief.
  • Setting Campaign Objectives Optimization your Digital campaigns.
  • Campaign Measurement.
  • Optimizing.
  • Open Discussion.