Social Media Retention Duration : 13 hours




13 Credit Hours


850 EGP


Overview :

More than 27 % of businesses included in a recent poll said that social media marketing has been the most effective channel for customer retention, according to research from Loyalty 360.More than 25 % said customer analytics have the biggest impact on retention, while 24.5 % reported reward programs are top for loyalty marketing.You will learn how Build community through Social Media , How to act with your un happy customer , How to build Social CRM , The main tips of make customer retention strategy through Social Media and More , Include Case Studies and project .


Social Media Retention importance and main concepts:

  • Social Media Retention Concept.
  • Impact of Losing Customers.
  • Customer analysis

Social Media Retention main questions ? :

  • How to act with your un happy customer ?
  • Why do Customer buy and come again ?
  • How to get your customers emotionally interacting to your Brand ?
  • Results of Customer retention and cost effectiveness ?
  • How to use  Social Media marketing for Customer retention ?

Social Media Retention main pillars :

  • Building Community through Social Media
  • Monitor how your Brands members acting with your Brand .
  • Social CRM
  • Main tips of customer retention strategy through Social Media
  • qBuilding CRM Strategy
  • Steps of making engagement with your customers through Social Media
  • Create action plan for Customer retention and Loyalty programs through Social Media
  • The 7 C’s of Customer retention

Case Studies.
Project and Open Discussion.



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