Content Creation Techniques For Social Network




16 hours


2500 EGP


Content Creation Techniques For Social Network

Companies and Brands worldwide are moving away from traditional, normal direct messaging to becoming engaged with their customers’ daily life and being part of their daily routine.
This Advanced workshop will cover everything you need to know about creating killer content for the top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram!
On the other hand you will gain the tips and tricks behind creating the most efficient content strategy and building your content calendar across the Social Network.


1-Defining The content mix
Explore the balance between sales posts, interactive posts, and informative posts on the social media platforms.
2-Brand Storytelling and Branded Content

  • The concept of the Uninvited Brand.
  • Content marketing starts with a great story.
  • Brand storytelling – the role of branding and the concept of storytelling.
  • Branded content vs. traditional advertising approach.

3-Create the most efficient Content Strategy for your Social Network

  • Develop your Brand strategy.
  • Brainstorming ideas and creating your content arcs.
  • Storytelling per digital channel.
  • Creating different content tiers.
  • Choosing the most efficient Content types to be relevant with your brand message.
  • Crafting your plan and editorial calendar.

4-Content Marketing Factors on Your Customers

  • Organize and plan out the content that you have created for each platform.
  • Content calendar and automated posting tools.
  • Copywriting tips and tools.

5-Tracking Your Content & Collect Feedback

  • Discover the importance of following up on all content posted to social media sites to ensure that it posts the way you want it to.
  • How to collect feedback, analyze it, and apply changes to your content and overall social media strategy.

6-Case Studies
8-Practical Project



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