Online Live Training Media Buying Diploma



2 Months




6500 EGP


  • Facebook audience insights
  • Creative hub tips
  • Facebook ads types
  • Engagement ads tips
  • Video views tips
  • Awareness tactics
  • Target optimization tactics and how to reach the right customers
  • Traffic to website tips
  • messenger ads
  • Lead generation tips and tricks
  • Budget optimization and how to achieve the maximum results with the lower cost!
  • Custom audience
  • Lookalike audience
  • Instagram ads from the app
  • Ads reporting
  • Google advertising landscape
  • How to setup your google account
  • keywords planner
  • Search Engine ads tips
  • Campaign structure
  • ad group tactics
  • keywords tactics
  • budget optimization
  • Search Engine ads advanced tips
  • bidding strategies
  • ad extensions tactics
  • landing page optimization
  • Display advertising tips
  • YouTube ads tips
  • Display planner tips
  • App install tips
  • Ads reporting tips and what are beyond numbers
  • Increase the level of engagement with your audience through TikTok Marketing
  • Tips and tricks to use tiktok filters, effects and templates
  • Tiktok hashtags tactics
  • TikTok apps
  • Campaign structure
  • Tiktok ads objectives
  • ads settings
  • ad group tactics
  • Targeting optimization
  • Budget Optimization
  • Ad format tips
  • Custom audience tactics
  • Titok pixels setup
  • Campaign report

Twitter Marketing Landscape:
Twitter statistics

  • How to create an organic following and increase followers
  • Using Twitter to watch what your competitors are doing
  • Tips on finding the right people to engage with and where they are

Twitter Advertising Creation & Optimizing

  • Types of twitter advertising options
  • Setting Up Your Twitter Advertising Campaign
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Campaign Reporting
  • LinkedIn For Business Foundation:

    • Introduction
    • Terminologies
    • Types of Advertising
    • Setting Your Business Account

    Sponsored Updated Ads:

    • Features of Sponsors updates
    • Creating sponsor updates campaign
    • Measurement and improvement

    Text Ads:

    • Text Ads Features.
    • Targeting text ads
    • Setting Strategy

    Inmail ads:

    • InMail campaign setup

    How to set your LinkedIn profile in a professional way.
    How to get the most benefits from LinkedIn platform

    • Tools
    • Tips & Tricks
    • Case Studies
    • Introduction to Snap Ads course.
    • Snapchat features and functions.
    • Getting started - Setup business manager and ads manager.
    • Why should we care about snapchat ads + types of snapchat ads.
    • Examples: What if you could create ads like these.
    • Snap Publisher - A super fun tool to create snaps for Ads.
    • Snap Ads - Key Facts & best practices.
    • Create custom audiences and look-a-like audiences.
    • Snap Ad Reports and analysis.
    • How to gain followers on Snapchat.

    Why is Online Live Training with imfnd the best?

    • Online Live Training.

    • Recorded material for every workshop.

    • Assignments.

    • Quiz after each session.

    • A private group for material & support.

    • Online feedback and assessment.

    • Live interactions with the instructors.

    • Open discussions & questions.

    • A project after each workshop.



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