Advanced Media Buying Diploma


It’s time to advance your online ads knowledge.

If you have the experience, now you can develop it to the top with imfnd masters.

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  1. How to use Google Tag Manager to look after your tracking codes so you can be sure they have been implemented correctly.
  2. Remarketing campaigns tips
  3. Universal app optimization
  4. Advanced tips for budget strategies
  5. Best practice (Optimization Tips & tactics for each campaign's type)
  6. Ad extensions tactics and tricks
  7. Masthead ads for YouTube
  8. YouTube advertising tricks for more conversion
  9. Campaign reporting
  10. How to make a campaign specifically for mobile! And how to track conversions!
    1. Customer acquisition strategies
    2. Remarketing campaigns tips
    3. Product catalog optimization
    4. Conversion techniques and best practices
    5. Competitors analysis 3rd party tools.
    6. App install tips and cost efficiency
    7. Messenger advert advanced tips
    8. POWER UP WITH THE FACEBOOK PIXEL – Correctly use the latest API Pixel set up & understand domain verification so you’re READY FOR iOS 14.5+ RESTRICTIONS
    9. Campaign reporting tools.
    10. Final report and preparation for your next profitable campaign.
    11. POWER INSTAGRAM AD TECHNIQUES – learn how to make the most out of Instagram Ads
    12. Get MORE out of FACEBOOK LOCAL ADS - Precision target your Local Ads with Reach Ads and Engagement Ads for Local Business
    13. Best practices for budget and campaign strategies for more conversions
  1. Campaign measurement across all digital media channels.
  2. Analyze results and data.
  3. Cost efficiency measurement.
  4. Campaign final report process and best practices.
  5. Share experience for the control and recommendations phase.

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