Digital Marketing Executive Diploma


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Introduction to Social Media:

  1. Social Media Statistics
  2. Social Media listening tools

Crisis Management for Social Media:

  1. Crisis Assessment
  2. How to monitor your crisis
  3. Responding to a Crisis
  4. Set your crisis plan in the most effective way with different scenarios
  5. Case Studies

Social Media Monitoring:

  1. Social media monitoring process
  2. Gathering Insights, Social Media Monitoring & Reporting
  3. SM Monitoring tools

Facebook analytics and page creation:

  1. business manager setup
  2. page creation tips
  3. page insights tips

Twitter Analytics & Management Tips
LinkedIn Management Tips
Facebook Organic engagement tips
Instagram Organic engagement tips

Social Media Plans & Strategy:

  1. Building social media strategies
  2. Analyze Your current social media situation
  3. Set Your Social Media Objectives.
  4. Start your Social Media Actions.

Online buyer persona:

  1. Different between “Segment – targeting – buyer personas”
  2. Create your online buyer personas
  3. Tools will help us to create our buyer person

News jacking & Real-Time Marketing Tactics:

  1. Importance of keep update with the social media trends and updates for brands.
  2. Tools to help us find digital & social trends and updates
  3. Avoid use News jacking in a silly way
  4. How to set your real-time marketing plan
  5. Case studies.

Content Ideas:

  1. How to generate ideas?
  2. Top tools to generate content ideas
  3. Designs tools for social media
  4. Tips & tricks to generate the most efficient ideas for your brand.

Content Creation process:

  1. website content creation tips.
  2. social media content creation tips
  3. Headlines generator tools

Content Planning:

  1. content strategy
  2. content planning calendar
  3. project
  1. Creative hub tips
  2. Facebook ads types
  3. Engagement ads tips
  4. Video views tips
  5. Awareness tactics
  6. Target optimization tactics and how to reach the right customers
  7. Traffic to website tips
  8. messenger ads
  9. Lead generation tips and tricks
  10. Budget optimization and how to achieve the maximum results with the lower cost!
  11. Custom audience
  12. Lookalike audience
  13. Instagram ads from the app
  14. Ads reporting

Search Engine Optimization:

  1. Google ranking factors 2021
  2. Technical SEO Tactics
  3. Technical SEO Tools

Keywords: The Foundation of SEO.

  1. Why you need a keyword research plan
  2. How to research keywords.
  3. Tools to help you analyze keywords.
  4. Understanding keyword attributes.
  5. Ongoing keyword evaluation.

Content Optimization:

  1. How Search Engines and People View Web Pages.
  2. Defining your audience, topics, angle, and style.
  3. Optimizing for site structure.
  4. Optimizing non-text components of a web page.
  5. On page optimization tips
  6. Analyzing content quality.

Link-Earning Strategies:

  1. Understanding the importance of links.
  2. Building internal links.
  3. Earning external links.
  4. Finding link-Earning opportunities.
  5. Executing a link-Earning strategy.

Measuring SEO Effectiveness:

  1. Measuring SEO performance.
  2. Analyzing keywords.
  3. Analyzing links.
  4. SEO Tools

SEO Plan Process

  1. Google advertising landscape
  2. How to setup your google account
  3. keywords planner
  4. Search Engine ads tips
  5. Campaign structure
  6. ad group tactics
  7. keywords tactics
  8. budget optimization
  9. Search Engine ads advanced tips
  10. bidding strategies
  11. ad extensions tactics
  12. landing page optimization
  13. Display advertising tips
  14. YouTube ads tips
  15. Display planner tips
  16. App install tips
  17. Ads reporting tips and what are beyond numbers
  1. SEO Strategy
  2. Content Planning tactics
  3. Media Planning
  4. Media Buying tips and tricks
  5. Project

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