Media Buying Diploma


After obtaining a media buying diploma, you will be able to manage and run social media platforms campaigns, and create strategies to improve the results with less expense.

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  1. Creative hub tips
  2. Facebook ads types
  3. Engagement ads tips
  4. Video views tips
  5. Awareness tactics
  6. Target optimization tactics and how to reach the right customers
  7. Traffic to website tips
  8. messenger ads
  9. Lead generation tips and tricks
  10. Budget optimization and how to achieve the maximum results with the lower cost!
  11. Custom audience
  12. Lookalike audience
  13. Instagram ads from the app
  14. Ads reporting
  1. Google advertising landscape
  2. How to setup your google account
  3. keywords planner
  4. Search Engine ads tips
  5. Campaign structure
  6. ad group tactics
  7. keywords tactics
  8. budget optimization
  9. Search Engine ads advanced tips
  10. bidding strategies
  11. ad extensions tactics
  12. landing page optimization
  13. Display advertising tips
  14. YouTube ads tips
  15. Display planner tips
  16. App install tips
  17. Ads reporting tips and what are beyond numbers
  1. Increase the level of engagement with your audience through TikTok Marketing
  2. Tips and tricks to use tiktok filters, effects and templates
  3. Tiktok hashtags tactics
  4. TikTok apps
  5. Campaign structure
  6. Tiktok ads objectives
  7. ads settings
  8. ad group tactics
  9. Targeting optimization
  10. Budget Optimization
  11. Ad format tips
  12. Custom audience tactics
  13. Titok pixels setup
  14. Campaign report

Twitter Marketing Landscape: (Twitter statistics)

  1. How to create an organic following and increase followers
  2. Using Twitter to watch what your competitors are doing
  3. Tips on finding the right people to engage with and where they are

Twitter Advertising Creation & Optimizing

  1. Types of twitter advertising options
  2. Setting Up Your Twitter Advertising Campaign
  3. Campaign Optimization
  4. Campaign Reporting

LinkedIn For Business Foundation:

  1. Introduction
  2. Terminologies
  3. Types of Advertising
  4. Setting Your Business Account

Sponsored Updated Ads:

  1. Features of Sponsors updates
  2. Creating sponsor updates campaign
  3. Measurement and improvement

Text Ads:

  1. Text Ads Features.
  2. Targeting text ads
  3. Setting Strategy

Inmail ads:

  1. InMail campaign setup

How to set your LinkedIn profile in a professional way.
How to get the most benefits from LinkedIn platform

  1. Tools
  2. Tips & Tricks
  3. Case Studies
  1. Introduction to Snap Ads course.
  2. Snapchat features and functions.
  3. Getting started - Setup business manager and ads manager.
  4. Why should we care about snapchat ads + types of snapchat ads.
  5. Examples: What if you could create ads like these.
  6. Snap Publisher - A super fun tool to create snaps for Ads.
  7. Snap Ads - Key Facts & best practices.
  8. Create custom audiences and look-a-like audiences.
  9. Snap Ad Reports and analysis.
  10. How to gain followers on Snapchat.

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